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Are Permanent Make-up Pigments Safe?

The thought of having a permanent make up and enjoy the dazzling beauty of perfectly shaped eyebrows, lash lines and lips is tempting enough for any girl to go crazy for this technique, but it is very important to consider other options and know the pros and cons of this technique.

Having a permanent makeup may give you satisfactory results the week after your procedure, but as the time passes, the iron-oxide based pigments, used in this technique will start changing color, as iron-oxide will react with oxygen in the air, and may consequently turn your beautiful black brows into blue or pinkish brows.

However, the non-organic iron oxide based pigments are approved by FDA, but still they have a negative effect on your skin. Injecting iron-oxide pigments can be really painful for you and your skin and sometime skin may perceive them as foreign particles and may react negatively with these pigments.

On the other hand, it is your responsibility to search and look out for other techniques that does not use iron oxide based pigments, such as, Semi-permanent makeup that involves organic non-iron oxide pigments. These pigments are totally natural and hence will fade away completely after three years with no down time.

Organic mineral pigments do not cause any problem during MRI unlike iron-oxide based pigments and completely healthy for skin and above all, they will not change color even after 2 years, and will completely fade after 3 years, revealing your initial natural look.

So you can enjoy the beauty of your dreams without any risk involved, but it is always best to do an extensive research on all the innovative techniques, and then chose the best possible option to enhance your beauty. Make sure you find an experience cosmetologist, specialized in semi-permanent make up, and let you beauty rock the world for 3 years, and even after that if you choose so!


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